"Lutvak's LA debut had all the earmarks of Elton John's legendary Troubadour bow... His music blends the psychological depth of a Julia Fordham, the off-the-wall wit of a Michael Franks and the tuneful immediacy of a Neil Sedaka. His songs are chapters of a remarkably told autobiography that resonate with universal and undeniable impact."
– Cash Box

"Lutvak has a gift for solidly structured yet unpredictable melodies. His vocal technique is first-rate, which should come as no surprise; as his 'day job' Lutvak coached some of Broadway's busiest singer-actors..."
– Chicago Reader

"You might not be familiar with Lutvak, and so may wonder what all the fuss is about. Rest assured, you will soon know exactly who he is... I know singers who are literally salivating waiting for him to release his material so that they can sing it."
– Backstage

"Steven Lutvak, whose spiraling melodies and intelligent incisive lyrics turned us into instant fans..."
– Drama Logue

"Melodically, Lutvak goes to some pretty wonderful places with a real sense of style and pop history..."
– Albany Times-Union


From Steven Lutvak at the Duplex, True Stories in Witty Songs
By Stephen Holden, The New York Times

An upper-middlebrow Billy Joel crossed with a lower-highbrow Tom Lehrer with a pinch of Debussy: that's how you might place the music of the singer, songwriter, pianist and raconteur Steven Lutvak in the artistic hierarchy of contemporary songwriters.
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Sound Advice
By Jonathan Frank, Talkin' Broadway

Singer/songwriter Steven Lutvak has been on the edge of my radar for years, ever since Time Magazine profiled him in their 'people to watch' column.
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Steven Lutvak: The Time It Takes
By Jeff Rossen, Cabaret Scenes

There are sensational singers, and there are sensational songwriters. Then there are those exceptional people who are sensational in both fields, and Steven Lutvak stands with that select group.
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The Time It Takes – Steven Lutvak
By Peter Haas, Cabaret Scenes

One of cabaret's favorite performers brought a new show with a new style to Joe's Pub and brought an enthusiastic audience to cheers. His name: Steven Lutvak. Yes, that Steven Lutvak.
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Lutvak at Joe's Pub
By David Finkel, Backstage

At the first of two Joe's Pub shows to plug his new CD, "The Time It Takes," STEVEN LUTVAK demonstrated he's ready to play with the big boys. With the biggest boys -- Billy Joel, Elton John, Jimmy Webb, Randy Newman. Although much of the material he delivered with utmost confidence is familiar, no one's ever heard his suave oeuvre this way. That's because, having signed up arranger and musical director Joseph Baker, he's added colorfully thought-out instrumentation and backup warbling.
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The Future is Now
By Barbara & Scott Siegel,

Today, when we think of the Great American Songbook, we revere names like Kern, Berlin, Gershwin, Porter, Bernstein, and Sondheim. But whom will future generations cherish when they look back upon our age? Prediction: One of the respected names will be Lutvak.
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The Write Stuff

Steven Lutvak is in a separate class... in that he only sings songs he wrote himself, or in collaboration with others.
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ASCAP Cabaret Songwriters Showcase V
By Robert Adels, Cash Box

If you think Jerry Herman – composer-lyricist of Hello Dolly and Mame fame – is a tough act to follow, you ought to catch Steve Lutvak in action.
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The Lure of Lutvak
By Barbara & Scott Siegel, InTheater

When people speak of "The American Songbook," they are generally referring to the music and lyrics of the Gershwins, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, et al; but said songbook is not only a thing of the past. It's alive in the work of young, talented composers like Steven Lutvak, who recently sang his own stuff at Eighty Eight's.
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