Steven Lutvak’s long-awaited second CD is now available!
Steven’s long-awaited second CD is now available! AHEAD OF MY HEART has ten beautiful new recordings, almost all of them just Steven at the piano and recorded live – with a guest spot by the remarkable Catherine Porter, and a hilarious cameo by Price Waldman.

Tender, funny, warm, and above all, intimate. All the qualities you expect from Steven.

Visit to buy your own copy – and read the fascinating story that lead to the creation of AHEAD OF MY HEART.


Steven Lutvak’s long-awaited CD is here!
THE TIME IT TAKES brings you 15 of Steven Lutvak's best-known songs, which range from Steve alone at the piano to him singing with a 21-piece orchestra. All of Steve's most popular songs are included, from INSIDE MY BODY IS A DANCER to THE DINNER PARTY (Bagelmakers to the Czar) plus three brand-new songs, two composed especially for the album, including the title track, THE TIME IT TAKES. Versatile, funny, moving, everything you expect from the work of one of the most important new songwriters around – all here on his first CD. A must-have for connoisseurs of adult contemporary music. It’s what you expect from Steven Lutvak – and so much more.

is available now!

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1. I Just Wanted You To Know
2. Rewriting History
3. 25th Street
4. Those Of Us Who Knew James
5. Mrs. Whitney
6. Inside My Body Is A Dancer
7. I Didn’t Know
8. Debby & Teddy & Me
9. Museums
10. Beware The Anger Of Soft-Spoken Men
11. After You
12. I’ll Imagine You A Song
13. The Time It Takes
14. The Dinner Party (Bagelmakers to the Czar)
15. The House That I Grew Up In
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